Jet Wed Co. | How to Fly With Your Wedding Dress

Transport your dress with ease—cathedral veil and all—using our travel tips and tricks. Photo by  Image Studio  ©

Transport your dress with ease—cathedral veil and all—using our travel tips and tricks. Photo by Image Studio ©

After selecting a venue, booking vendors and budgeting for it all it's finally time to think of the getting your wedding dress to your destination. Today's blog will help you come up with a game plan for transporting this precious piece of cargo. 

I'd like to start by saying that you shouldn't let the thought of traveling with your dress deter you from buying any certain style because there are several options. Without further ado, here's our suggested plan of attack. 

1. Carefully pack the dress

In addition to the garment bag supplied by the bridal shop purchase another inexpensive one like this from Amazon. Hang your dress on a door, place it into the first bag and then zip the additional bag over it. The double bagging method helps protect your dress from any airport spills or incidents. 

2. Reach out to your airline

Since every airline has different policies and procedures, it's important to reach out directly. When I flew to Italy for my own elopement, I sent a direct message to Aer Lingus on Twitter to ask about my options. Letting the airline know your situation ahead of time can help you avoid any last minute surprises. 

3. Ask to hang it in the crew's closet

When initially reaching out to the airline ask if you can hang your wedding dress in the flight attendant or cabin crew's closet. This is by far the best option for keeping delicate materials wrinkle-free. Keep in mind that not all airlines have closets or adequate space. When I reached out to Aer Lingus, I was told that I could hang my dress in the flight attendant's closet if it was not full, which brings me to #4...

4. Have a back-up plan 

Unfortunately, on the packed flight to Dublin from Chicago O'Hare the closet was indeed full before I boarded the plane. This is why it's important to have a back-up plan in place! If the same happens to you, I suggest laying the garment bag flat on top of any luggage in the overhead bin. 

5. Pack a portable steamer 

No matter where you are storing your dress for the duration of the flight, chances are it will need lightly steamed when you land. Pack a portable steamer in your carry-on and make sure to bring a universal converter to ensure it will work in any destination. 

You can also consider upgrading your seat for priority boarding or even buying your dress its own seat (yes, really). If the airline also offers seat selection, choose a 2-seat configuration closest to the front of the cabin. 

To read your airline's carry-on policies, click the links below: 

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