Jet Wed Co. | How to Choose Destination Wedding Vendors

Invitation suite and photo by  Emily Godbey Design.

Invitation suite and photo by Emily Godbey Design.

We’ve all heard the saying, “When in Rome, do as the Romans do” and the same is true for selecting your destination wedding vendors. No matter the location you choose, a good starting point is finding out who local brides hire and why.

  1. Nail down the budget

    Because rates vary drastically, it’s important to have your budget completely finalized before falling in love with that awesome local florist. For more on that, take a look at our Destination Wedding Budget 101 blog post here.

  2. Start on the ‘Gram

    One of Instagram’s best features is the ability to search by geotags. Even if you haven’t selected a venue yet, start searching through popular venues like large churches, resorts, etc. in your chosen location. Brides and vendors alike almost always tag the venue, so this method works sort of like a reverse look up with great results.

  3. Reach out to real brides

    Throughout your Instagram search, there’s a very good chance you’ll stumble across some real brides who’ve used, say, the photographer you like the most. Reaching out to them for their thoughts on the service can be a huge help throughout the process. This offers a glimpse past just the chosen testimonials in a vendor’s portfolio.

  4. Share your Pinterest board

    Once you have an idea of your wedding style and a few vendors in mind, start pinning examples to share with your wedding planner. Your planner can then help you find the best people to bring your vision to life within your pre-arranged budget. Rely on your planner’s knowledge and established relationships with vendors to get the best possible options.